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Working for Resources

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Working for resources

One way to provide some mental stimulation and enrich your dog’s daily life is to have them work for their resources. Not only is it great for their brain but it also gives them a job which is important. Another benefit is that it establishes good leadership on your part and you will start noticing that your dog is overall listening better.

What are resources?

Usually when we think of resources we think of food and treats, right? It goes beyond that, anything you provide to your dog that they enjoy is considered a resource. Sure food and treats, bones, chews but if your dog loves toys that is a resource. Attention is a big one for most dogs from petting, snuggling, getting up on that couch or bed.

Maybe they love being in the yard, if that’s the case before you open that door your dog works for it.

If they love walks, before you put that leash on and open that door they work for it. Of course if they need to go potty NOW, don’t worry about it.

How do they work for it?

Have your dog do a command before they get anything, it really is fun for your dog. 

Do they know a hand cue and a verbal cue? Then you have more in your pocket how you ask for it, their brain needs to work. 

Teach them more commands so you have more in your pocket instead of the typical sit they might do on autopilot.

Can they do a watch me/eye contact, sit, lay down, wait, stay, maybe know a fun trick like give paw or spin?

You can ask for more than one command, mix it up. 

If your dog is a senior and they cannot do sit or lay down easily or if just want a quick command to teach your dog try “touch”.

Have fun with your dogs!

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