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About Us

Why We Started 3 Paws Wellness

Our pets are family and they deserve the very best. We created 3 Paws Wellness because we love dogs. Most importantly we wanted to create supplements to help our dogs live longer, healthier lives so they can be around much longer.  Our supplements are designed with science in mind and are focused on preventative care instead of treating health issues after they arise. We're excited to share what's worked for our pets with you. 

Quality Matters 

After doing research, we found that many of the products on the market have fillers rather than quality ingredients. We wanted to create supplements without the unnecessary add ins, just quality ingredients you can trust which is why we developed 3 Paws Wellness.

We provide high quality GMP facility sourced and manufactured supplements to meet the specific needs of your pets. We believe that the longevity and health of pets matter, and that the added boosts from supplements can improve their quality of life.



Human Grade

in the USA

Meet Our Founder

Joanna is the founder of American Animal Rescue Society (AARS), a Chicagoland rescue that helped animals find forever homes for over 15 years. She has also been working as a professional dog trainer for over 11 years at one of the top training facilities in Chicago. She has two rescued dogs, a Yorkie named Belle from Egypt and a West Asian Village Dog named Bell from Iran, and her cat Lily. Hannah (pictured below) her rescued tripod Yorkie is the inspiration for 3 Paws Wellness.

Veterinary Partner

Scott M. Rovner, DVM, is the founder of Roscoe Village Animal Hospital. He practices veterinary medicine from a whole animal wellness point of view, blending in traditional, holistic, and the latest scientific advancements in veterinary technology. As a pioneer of veterinary medicine, he offers services from preventative care down to in-hospital stem cell therapies for previously untreatable medical conditions. Dr. Rovner’s passion for preventative care maintenance led him to partner with 3 Paws Wellness to create and curate wellness supplements for pets. Dr. Rovner received his degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University and is a medical consultant for Ardent Animal Health stem cell company. He has developed groundbreaking treatments using stem cells and platelet-rich plasma for various diseases in dogs and cats. He is actively involved in the local community through numerous animal charities and initiatives. Dr. Rovner is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the Humane Society American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Feline Practitioner Association.